[Game Jam] Table Realms Game Jam 21 July 2019 - R16 000 to be won

The Table Realms Game Jam Workshop weekend takes place next weekend at Nexus Hub in Randburg.
Register at https://forms.gle/Lpp7ppJAeuFUTkVr6.

Workshop Details (21 July 2019, 9am at Nexus Hub, Randburg)

The Workshop will introduce game developers to the Table Realms app and technology, in order for developers to participate in the Game Jam and develop a game that incorporates the technology.

The following will be covered in the Workshop:
  • Introduction to the Table Realms technology
  • Building console-style games with Table Realms and Construct 3
  • Monetising your games with Table Realms
  • Building games with Table Realms on Unity (time-dependent)

Participants will gain:
  • Access to the Table Realms technology for the duration of the Workshop and Game Jam, as well as continued access thereafter.
  • Short-term Construct license (valid until 31 August 2019)

Game Jam (3 & 4 August 2019 at Nexus Hub, Randburg)
9am Saturday to 5pm Sunday
R16 000 to be won in the following categories:
  • Best Game (R8000)
  • Most innovative use of the Table Realms technology (R8000)
To participate in the Workshop and the Game Jam, please register via the Google Form link above.

Please Note: Participants must bring their own equipment (PC/laptop).
Nexus Hub is situated at 21 Harley Street, Ferndale.
For queries contact info@celestial-games.com
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  • This news missed the makegames meetup by like 3 days :)

    So I think, with the same questions as last time I had:
    - Can someone (like me) make stuff, knowing only Unity?
  • Tuism said:

    - Can someone (like me) make stuff, knowing only Unity?
    When I integrated this into VALA the core stuff (i.e. not adding the logos and niceties) it was very quick to add.
    What I did was basically make the TR connector into a virtual controller and mapped the commands to the right buttons, and then my game just thinks it is an Xbox Controller, which works great.
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  • Awesome, that's what I want to hear :)

    So the virtual controller was basically stock standard stuff that they already have, and you didn't have to do work outside of Unity to hook it in, yeah?
  • Basically their code just has a bunch of methods you can call like "is A button pressed". In VALA we use InControl, so I just created a new virtual InControl device and when my game asks that device if A is pressed, my virtual controller code asks the TR code.
  • Tuism said:
    This news missed the makegames meetup by like 3 days :)

    So I think, with the same questions as last time I had:
    - Can someone (like me) make stuff, knowing only Unity?
    Developing Unity games with Table Realms integration, will be discussed at the workshop.
    The focus will be Construct 3 however.
  • Please note that most people have responded to the Sunday workshop, so we will be moving everyone to the same session on the Sunday.
  • Hi all! Kobus, Travis and I will be on-hand for the duration of the workshop to help with any questions you might have about integrating Table Realms into new or existing projects.

    As a relatively low-end dev (I'm mostly focused on Construct and visual scripting in Unity), I encourage anyone interested in making 2D multiplayer games to come to the workshop and see what Table Realms can do with Construct!
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    I would just like to add some information so people have a better idea of what to expect and why this might matter to you.

    What do we do :
    We are building a technology stack which is focused on bridging the gap between the physical and digital world. The project started out with the aim of allowing game developers to add controller support to their games in the form of smart phone controllers. We then moved on to providing simple multiplayer integrations for each game engine we supported. We are now building platforms for developers to monetize their games with a voucher like system. And in the future we will be building out the non game part of the business to allow app developers to make apps which have some sort of connection to the physical location they are in. You can come chat to us at the work shop or jam to find out more.

    What is the Game Jam about :
    We will be showing you how the tools we have can be used to add phone based controller support to your games. At the MGSA meetup we found that if we talk about everything at once people are left confused and don't know what value they would get. As such we are only talking about this one aspect. Phone controllers for your games. For those of you familiar with AirConsole or HappyFunTimes it is a similar concept.



    So me and Geoff will be showing you how to make a simple game where players can scan, join and play with their smartphones. We'll show you how to do this in construct, which is an awesome little game engine for making HTML5 games. Go check it out here https://www.construct.net/en. I'm not being paid to say this but I can not praise Construct enough. They have support for full javascript scripting now and if you aren't that comfortable with programming their visual scripting system is very easy to use and is close to programming so you could use it as a spring board. Seriously check it out.

    If the demand is high and we have time I can show you how the unity plugin works.

    I'm preparing the project now and if there is anything in particular you would like to see just post in this thread and we can discuss.

    Thanks all,
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  • Unity yes please :p
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