Html5 developers

Are there any Html5 game developers that are interested in recreating an existing game for Html5?
The game assets can be provided, Coding for the game would need to developed as it is currently in an exe file.
I own the IP on the game. It was originally developed in 1999.
It is a strategy puzzle game.
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  • Why does it necessarily have to be html5?
  • It is a way to get the game to run easily on all platforms from IOS to Android and Windows.
    The game would also allow for skinning custom assets.
    The game can be build in any program that can port to HTML5 using any language like Java, C++... etc.
    I am a designer and want to find a programmer hobbyist who would be interested in trying to programme the game and test play it. I have already got all the assets done and a playable version of the game.
  • In case you don't come right with HTML5 devs, you're likely to have more luck locally with Unity devs as there are more of them around. That would also allow for the game to be run on pretty much any platform today, though not web-based (there's a WebGL platform target but it has limitations).
  • Me, I'm HTML5 game developer, not a professional or expert, but I can do. I sent you a private message.
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