[Prototype] Top Down, Turn Based 1v1 Battle

A very early look at a project I am playing with. Just got the path-finding all sorted out and thought I'd give it a show.

You can find a short video demo here:

1920 x 1080 - 3M
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  • Have made some progress the last week or so. Got the pathfinding working pretty good. Added targeting and switching between units.

  • Added engineers, logistics and a BTR type assault vehicle. Implemented a rudimentary "right of way" for units while moving. Added control groups and double-click functionality. Expanded the UI.

  • The idea is very interesting but the way it mixes block-based positions and smooth move is quite confusing, and I think would lead to weird and unexpected outcomes where one might expect more deterministic outcomes?

    Also I see no fighting happening, is that right? For a "battle sim" I think some battling would be a great thing to start modeling sooner than later?
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  • Yes, I'm still fleshing out the movement system and hopefully the end result will be quite a bit less confusing. Big booms are coming! Targeting and firing functionality is there, but sorting out the movement is my main goal right now.
  • Looks interesting for sure. Agreed with @Tuism modelling battle sooner rather than later, since I imagine that's a core part of the fun and would need heaps of tuning.

    Based on the vids... I'm curious to feel how it plays, so keen to play a build once you've got something to share.
  • Updated unit movement. Expanded the shooting mechanics, added the ability to switch between units while targeting. Can also choose how many rounds to fire and which type of ammo to use. Added action points and movement points.

  • Looks good, reminds me a lot of Close Combat, a lovely game, hope you post a build once the enemy AI is in.
  • A quick video showing the progress so far. Placed limits on action points and movement points. Increased game tile size. Started adding ways of getting information to the player. Added command points and command UI.

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