Black Otaku 2 (shooter)





- shooter game teaser trailers now trickling out
- very early work-in-progress, some jank, hold tight
- videos available at or

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  • Lovin the art style especially the environments and the beautiful women of different ages!
  • Much thanks and respects, Moga.

    It's still early in development too.
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  • DefSauce said:

    It's still early in development too.
    Why do you have it on sale if it's in early development?

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    2D (run-right and shoot will never die!) Black Otaku - SOS is on sale for Xbox One, Windows 10 PC and Windows Phone …

    3D Black Otaku 2 is still early in development.
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    Oh, I just followed the link that you posted, there doesn't seem to be anything about 3D Black Otaku 2 on the site, or it's a few layers deep.

    Also, why not upload the videos you have on your site to YouTube?
  • Thanks for checking. Black Otaku 2 (being still very early) is not yet the focus, but it is there on the main menu at the top of the website. Last option in the main menu.

    Why not youtube? That's a good question. All them social networks is constantly in consideration but no final go ahead has ever been made. Feel free to share if you want. Thanks for asking … being an indie game, "do the people want social networks yet?" is one of the considerations.

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