Durban Meet Up...

@roguecode or @garethf ... when are we organising a Durban Meetup? It has been a while. Please ... please ... please!!!


  • Be sure to ping @ladyinblack, didn't she have something to do with a GGJ venue? Maybe that can be used for your meetup?
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  • I've been summoned. ;)

    Hello! Uhhhhh, I'm not sure man, honestly I've been consumed by making my new game, raising baby and trying to keep sane. Hadn't thought of a meetup in a long time.

    Maybe let's have any Durban folks who want to meetup comment in this thread, if we can get at least 6 people it should be worth setting something up.

    Durbanites, what say ye?
  • Yes, please!
  • Im interested
  • I'm in the midlands, but depending on the turnout and topics I may be able to come through
  • So far we have:
    - quintond
    - garethf
    - Krummelz
    - Blackson
    - ladyinblack

    - Bracula

    I would say that is enough for a meet up. All we need is a venue ... any contacts who can help us?

    Anything you guys want to specifically want to chat about? Last time we just go together and tested some prototypes and alphas ... would this still work for everyone.
  • Well, I'm still new in the indie game space, but if its a weekend I can make it to attend anywhere in Durban, provided it don't clash with any of my upcoming game workshops (which I could move around if necessary). If its a week night and your venue is in Umhlanga or further to Dbn North, I will not be able to make it to attend, I'm from Shallcross. And, I could bring along a few newbies.
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  • I would like to do it on a Saturday afternoon if possible ... but everyone needs to agree to that. This is a democracy. :)
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  • History in the making here! ♥️
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  • Yeah, I will struggle to make a week night, so preferably a weekend day for me, too.

    Anyone got any ideas on location?
  • I may have a place, but its in Chatsworth, and another in Morningside, Stamford Hill. Both places is a closed space, Chatsworth venue, is a college, and once ran gaming sessions. Parking for a few cars otherwise you can park outside the gate. Morningside, is a college, big space, free to use and is across the road, opposite Engen. Morningside you can consider confirmed, Chatsworth, I will have to ask the owner.
  • I can try and ask Derivco?
  • I'm also able to host, but looks like that's sorted.
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    @roguecode ... Dude ... please ... please can we host it at you. Please. Please. I will behave ... not sure about @garethf ... but I will.


    Proposed Dates:
    - 1st June
    - 8th June

    ... feel free to recommend a date. We can then finalise and check with @roguecode if this suits him.
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