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Hi there,

New to the board here, so thought I'd just post a quick hello and such. (Apologies if this is in the wrong place - couldn't find a more appropriate area.)

Very happy to find an active local online community for GameDev and it's related disciplines. I'm a graphic artist (you can check out my portfolio here) with an interest in Dev that goes back to the days of QBasic (Ah - the hours spent trying to figure out how Gorilla.bas was done!). Lately been figuring out Python (which is surprisingly easy if you know ActionScript) and Construct Classic with the aim of finally bringing some of my ideas to life. Babysteps for now, but browsing through the discussions on here has given me newfound confidence. I have no pretenses about what a long way I still have to go, but I'd be the first to admit a closet desire to be the next Peter Molyneux. :P

Looking forward to learning, sharing, getting feedback and maybe even making a couple of friends on here in future.

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  • Welcome the community! If you are in CT or Jozi you should come to one of the meet ups!
  • Hi there! Where are you based? Are you going to come to the next community night in either CT or JHB?

    You have some really awesome work! :D
  • Greetings to you @hellojaco Hope you find the forums stimulating and helpful.
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    Welcome, please leave your sanity in the neon pink box by the door as it will not be needed here :D
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  • Haha! Thanks all. I'm based in Jozi, so will definitely make a plan to come out to one of the meets. 'Liked' the FB page, so I'm assuming info will be posted there.

    @Elyaradine - Thanks yo! Yeah, I did the B&B website quite a few years ago. Only did the Flash stuff though. The artwork is straight from Luma.
  • Yay! :D See you next week then! ;)
  • Just to be sure, the meet is the one on Tuesday at the MS Offices?
  • Yip, all the details are in this forum post
  • Awesome thanks. Super close to my office. Amped!
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    Welcome! Allow me to be the first to fist bump you:


    You've got some great work in your portfolio! Some really sharp graphic design and typography (and I couldn't tell how much of the excellent illustration was your work).

    Damn, I'm looking forward to the games you make. Baby steps you've said, but you've got some skills already.

    Consider entering Ludum Dare this month. It's a fantastic opportunity to make a game and get feedback. The nice thing about it is that almost everyone treats it as a learning experience, so even if you kinda fall on your face people there understand that and the experience you take away from it is what counts.

    Plus some of the good folks in Joburg are holding a jam over that weekend, and that's bound to be FUN.
  • Thanks so much for the kind words!

    Will definitely check out all these opportunities. Have A LOT to learn, but very eager.

    I am working on an idea or two at the moment, but these are mostly still in design document phase still. Will be sure to share anything concrete as it starts resembling something like part of a game. :)

    Looking forward to getting feedback and tips very much.
  • Did someone mention Ludum Dare? twitches

    Hello...jaco, welcome to the forums!
  • Hey - thanks :)
  • Welcome! :D Good to have another artist around! :D
  • Haha, thanks man.
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