Seeking Action Video Game - 30 second slice for NETFLIX FLIM

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I work for a production company, Blue Ice Africa. We are currently producing a film which requires the use of an action video game (genre not specific) for 30 seconds in a scene - an actress plays the video game in the scene.

We are looking for games that are already established, whether released or still a prototype, that we can use for the scene for a fee. The game can remain anonymous as we only need a "virtual slice" in essence, I know some developers are worried about their games featuring in film and the backlash from fan-base - so the game doesnt need to be recognizable - we just need 30 seconds of action play for the cast to interact with.

The requirements for the scene are as follows:
1. Needs to be an action orientated game (genre not specific but 3D preferable and well developed animation).

2. The actress will be commentating on the game, making suggestions about how it could be improved (developer would have to be okay with this angle in the film).

If you have anything suitable that you would be interested in pitching to us, please send me an email with an example of your work so we can see if it is suitable for the scene.

Ruth De Freitas
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