Game dev and beyond .

I am probably posting this in the wrong section
I posted my game a while go here called ultralight for the android platform it was and still is terrible .
It has had 40000 downloads and has about 2000 active downloads . and a lot of bad ratings .
Since then i have worked on a ton of projects .
All the above i abandoned . but i am working on a new game , which i will post here .

Wanted to touch base with all the local game devs .
<3 <3 <3 <3

My initial post for ultralight .

NB. I lost the google play Cert for ultralight , so i can't push updates .


  • Hey, where are you based? If you're in Cape Town or Johannesburg there are game dev meetups which are good places to touch base with other devs.

    I've made loads of terrible games in my time. Still do make a lot of terrible games.
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  • Hey Evan :) ,

    I just recently moved from Cape Town to Pretoria .
    I will try to do some of the Johannesburg meetups .

    Warm Regards
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