Train Jam to Makhanda!

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To commemorate the Games and Politics exhibition in Makhanda during the second edition of CREATIVATE taking place at the 2019 National Arts Festival Makhanda, a Train Jam from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth will take place. The game jam will be approximately 21 hours long and 20 participants will be selected and funded by the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg. The games made during the Train Jam will be presented in a workshop during the Arts Festival.

The entire trip will take place between the 26th to 29th of June (4 days).

If you are interested in this amazing ride throughout South Africa and have an interest in creating serious games, use the following link to apply! Please note that we encourage both newcomers with experience in making games and experts to apply for the jam.

*The deadline for applications is the 26th of April.
**Successful applicants will be notified by the 3rd of May.
If you do not hear back from us after this date, your application has not been successful.
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