My 1st app for Sifteo cubes

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It only took me about 2 casual hours of reading through some of the documentation and a provided example or 2 to make the silly little app in the video above.

I plan to make a proper "matching" game in the next couple of days to demo at the next community night.


  • GAH! You just gave me an awesome game idea with that...

    Basically, you'd be manipulating images by moving them from cube to cube. The easiest level would show you 3 images, each in a specific colour. Then it would make each cube have one of the images, all black and white. You'd swap images from cube to cube, just like in your example, but the kicker comes in via the edges of each cube: They would have effects on the images as they "moved through them". In the first example, that would mean applying a colour filter. Once you get all three images correctly coloured, you win and move on to the next level... Tap any cube's screen to see what you should be aiming for with the images.

    You could do so much neat stuff with the cube-edge effects: Have them split images, flip them, colour them, mirror them, etc. Then if you peppered those around different edges of the cubes, you'd see players rotating things to pass images between them, yay for physicality of the puzzle ;)

    ... Of course, this feels like an obvious idea, so I assume someone else has already done this.
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