Polling for interest in a city builder challenge


I'm keen to curate a city builder challenge in the same vain as 7-Day FPS and 7-Day Roguelike but only if there's interest. I'm appreciate if you share your opinion. The poll is set to last a week from today and I'll share the results once completed here.
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  • I'd LOVE this!

    I've enjoyed working on a base-building game recently, and I'd probably reuse a lot of that code.

    City Building games do take a lot of time to set up, any complex city simulation is way out of scope for a fulltime week. I'm excited because I've got some good code that @squidcor wrote that I can use to get it up and running quickly. If there was an example project maybe it'd give jammers a chance to skip past the basics (like placing and rotating buildings and displaying resources in a UI).
  • also interested in this.

    When do you plan to run this, assuming there is enough interest?
  • I was thinking towards the end of June/beginning of July during the university break.
  • I'm not sure if I'll be around at that time, but definitely interested.
  • After a week, the results are in. Of 23 votes:
    • 61% Yes
    • 30% Hell Yes, I'd participate
    • 5% Hell No!
    • 4% No
    I don't know if there are enough votes to dedicate time to such a challenge. I've also had a good opinion (thanks @EvanGreenwood) saying 7 days isn't enough time to implement the systems required for a city builder.
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