Game Jam Plus - Brazilian Game Jam

To the GGJ organisers in JHB and CT, a fellow GGJ organiser of Rio de Janiero has reached out to me to make their Game Jam Plus go international. I said I'll reach out to you guys in SA and get your opinions, if you might be interested. I would like to extend this opportunity to the other underprivileged countries a well, if you have any suggestions on how to go about doing that.

I will be having a Skype meeting with him, his name is Pedro Teixeira, this Tuesday evening at 8pm, if you wish to know more.

In the meantime, for more info about this Jam can be found here

Any further info you would like to know, please email me at or whatsapp me on 0842225005 (please don't call, thank you)

A presentation explaining the process and benefits of this Jam can be found here (although you may have to request permission)



  • Gods thank you for picking this up, I've been meaning to take this to the community but I'm so insanely busy right now between Enter Africa stuff for Amaze Berlin and AfrikaBurn and endless load shedding that I'm dropping balls everywhere!

    Thanks again! Hope something awesome comes from this!
  • My talk with the Brazilian guys have been postponed to Thursday due to load shedding. Will keep you all updated.

    I'm still new to this being an organiser and doing this on my own in Durban, so any advice or suggestions from the other more experienced organisers would help. Thanks.
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