Broforce Level Designer for New Broforce Update

Hey, we want to update Broforce at some point, but we're having difficulties with the workload.

The problem is we ALSO want to be searching for a new game to work on, and we can't do both things. Broforce really needs a final glorious update to say thank you to fans and to round out the roster.

The biggest chunk of work for the new update, the part that has always been exclusively my job, is building new levels. We want a lot of new level content, and we don't have anyone other than myself to do it.

What I want to ask is: Is there anyone in this community that has made Broforce levels? (and if that is too big an ask, is there anyone who enjoys making levels of any kind and appreciates Broforce).

And mostly, is there anyone who could be employed for a few months making levels? (Preferably in-house, so we can supervise and test)

This is a paid game developer position, which will last at least 6 months (possibly longer).

The salary really depends on experience, this job doesn't require any game development skills other than level design (so an art portfolio or a programming portfolio etc isn't essential). It could be anywhere between R18000 and R38000. Though a passionate junior with a level editing portfolio would be our ideal candidate.

Unless there already is someone with excellent Broforce level design skills, there will have to be a lot of training on the job. The new levels need to be as good as the original levels (or better).

If you can't demonstrate a love for level editing please don't apply. Level Design isn't a calling everyone feels, and (if I do say so myself) Broforce levels are very involved.

Please post links to Broforce levels in this thread (that of course is the ideal portfolio). Otherwise Direct Message me.


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