NAG Game.Dev forum backup.

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Uh. Long time... *sigh*

Because I'm old and boring and care about where the local games industry came from, I was sad when NAG announced that their forum would be shut down. Those forums still hosted the Game.Dev subforum that directly predates the forming of MGSA (and these forums) in 2012. I've had NAG randomly reset their forums on me and Game.Dev in the past, so we lost a lot of history over the years, but the Game.Dev archive had content from 2007 up until 2012, including a lot of historically relevant info like @Nandrew's original massive Desktop Dungeons prototype thread, @EvanGreenwood's early posts, the start of local meetups and a few of the competitions that used to run locally, etc.

So I pointed a crawler at the forum archive and cleaned that up into a working copy. The format is a little borked, images aren't inlined and quotes aren't differentiated, but the content is all there. Maybe it could be hosted here or something... The starting point is f-9.html and threads are in creation order. Some of the links to the archived NAG forums might still work for a while, but they will eventually stop resolving.

There's a lot that can be learned from 12 years ago.


  • Thank you so much for making the effort. Good times!
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  • This was something I thought about when I saw the announcement. Definitely worth saving, so thanks for doing it.
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    These were good days! Those forums are probably the biggest reason of why I am where I am now. I didnt have internet at home so I used to go to the library with a re-writable CD and copy threads to read at home. I basically stalked Gazza, @Dyslekcia and BlackShipsFillt( @EvanGreenwood ?).

    I vaguely remember my first comment being about how I was going to build my own engine for some crazy game idea, and @Dyslekcia being like "Hey, that sounds really cool, but its never gonna happen". Turns out you were right :P
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