Rogue Moon's new game - Cults of the End Times

Ok, so I can finally share some details of Rogue Moon's new game.

"The End Times are nigh. All the signs, portents and spirits whisper of a place - Newport, where the gateway to the Outer Dark will open, and the terrible alien gods of that place will enter our world to feast on the living and the dead.

Cultists, madmen, mediums, occultists, witches and psychics are all drawn to Newport, there vying to complete the ritual that will open the way for their alien gods to return and ravage humanity."

It's a Lovecraft-inspired CCG about cults vying with each other to be the first to bring about the end of the world! :D

Working title - "Cults of the End Times".

Subject to change if I think of a better name. ;)


  • Yay! Anything to play yet? :)
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  • concept piece, maybe? sounds cool.
  • Nope, nothing to show, yet.

    I've finished pre-production/planning and am now starting into actual production. Will be looking for artists etc.

    This time, instead of waiting until close to release to do PR (like with System Crash), I'm doing the "start doing PR as soon as you can, talk about it often" thing. ;)
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