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    @Watman thanks for your input!

    - It's strange that you haven't gotten a daily challenge yet.. Will you please message me again if the problem persists?
    - I'm looking into getting my girlfriend to do the female voices. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Regarding the Eggs:
    - By login screen, do you mean the Google Play login screen?
    The're aren't any eggs hidden there. I put them in places that even offline players can find.

    I'm busy uploading a new build, cause I saw that some of the eggs drop off the screen on a screen size of 800x480.

    Here are the egg menu locations: Totaling 50
    2 in Loading start screen
    1 in Logo Splash screen
    6 in World Rank menu
    5 in Leader-board menu
    3 in Hall of Fame (HOF) menu
    8 in Fish select menu
    4 in Settings menu
    4 in Credits menu
    5 in Tester credits menu
    5 in Egg hunt event menu
    3 in Pause/ Exit Screen
    4 in Fishing mini game screen (Where you catch new fish)
  • Ok, thanks. I've got them all. I was missing the two from the loading screen (I don't think the screen was in build v1.4.9 (which was missing a bunch of stuff, such as the three coins, the bonus coin, and moving poles) and I didn't reload the game when I updated to v1.5.2, just kept it open); one from the fish screen (that I thought I'd tapped when I went through my screenshots); and one from the World Rank screen (ditto).

    I'll update to the new build in a day or two and let you know about the daily.

    Also, I managed to replicate that bug one more time but I still don't know what the precise conditions are that activate it. I'll try and keep an eye on it.
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  • Edit: I mean v1.5.2 and v1.5.6.
  • I've found all the menu eggs but only 1/150 in game after playing for quite some time.
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  • @Enchiridion I'm going to update the game to increase the drop RND of the eggs in game tonight. A few people have said it's too much of a grind.
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  • I don't think that is a good idea. This is a two month challenge. It's supposed to take time and BE a challenge.

    Right now I'm at the point where I have all the fish except FuFu (I have all the menu eggs and 49/150 game eggs; at that rate I should have FuFu in four weeks or less). The focus of the game up until now has always been the extrinsic motivator of coin collecting to get more fish (as much as you would prefer that it's fighting for the high score). I now have no purpose. There is nothing left in the game to motivate me to play any further except those eggs (and even that is far less motivating). I play the game and there are coins and they are pointless. I "collect" them but I can't collect them. Daily challenges are pointless.

    I think all your multipliers and the free gifts were a mistake because they allow someone to get to the end game (even though you didn't intend it to be the end game) too fast and then there is nothing to do. The game doesn't have any intrinsic motivators (except one, for me (maybe not other people) - see below) and you've killed your extrinsic motivators, except the eggs. Once I have FuFu I will have absolutely nothing to do (unless you add more fish in April and I imagine, because of all the gifts and multipliers, that I will be able to blast through that quite quickly) and FuFu will also have no purpose as I won't need the super bonuses that come with the fish.

    Also, because this month's gameplay is quite hard (by design, I know, and that's fine), there's no motivation for me even to jump in just to play for a little while to relax (successful jumping is a very Zen experience and is an intrinsic motivator for me if I can play a long game but it's frustrating if I can only play a short game) because the games are so short due to the March difficulty ramping up so quickly.

    The game had much better balance before all the multipliers and the 15 minute gift. You should rather look at offering an ad bonus (fixed, say, at 150 coins, or maybe just double whatever the person achieved in the run) and the occasional 2X multiplier on that bonus just as an extra random surprise, and randomly give the free gift only a couple of times a day.

    Finally, there is a semi bug: coins no longer have a purpose for me - I am "complete" - but I am still being offered the free gift (currently standing at +1410 coins) every 15 minutes. There is also a bug that (I think these are the conditions ->) if you are playing when the timer runs out, when you die and go to the World Rank screen the timer is on zero but there is no bonus. The play button doesn't work and you have to bash around the screen a bit (one thing works but I'm not sure which button it is) and then when you get back to the screen the bonus is there to be collected and then the play button works again. The collect is basically invisible but it's overriding the game until you collect it.

    (BTW I'm on version 1.5.8 and the dailies seem to be back.)
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  • That's a good point, coins will become obsolete at some stage.

    Might need to introduce power ups as purchasable items as well as fish dependent. Or just something else to spend coins on.
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  • @Watman & @Enchiridion thanks for your input guys!

    I've also noticed the late game issues. Will consider removing the free gift cause its only purpose was actually because the AD's had been deactivated for that month and I wanted something to help with the grind.
    - This should fix the bug that stops you from playing.
    - And also slow down your get fish progression.

    The game's difficulty increase was changed to ramp up quicker because I found that for experienced players the start of the first 25 levels in season 1 were a slog. So I tried to lessen that time and get you right into the action quicker.

    Unfortunately because of the nature of the game, the only thing to really reach for is the highest score for the month and I find that now that I'm at the top of the log, I don't play as much until someone beats me.


    I am also considering doing one final big update after Easter and leaving the game as is to work on something a bit more monetarily viable.
    This game was only supposed to be a spiritual win for me, to prove I could do it. And in that regard I feel like I have succeed.
    But because it's reminding everyone too much of Flappy Bird, which was beaten to death 5 years ago, it's an incredibly hard sell to players, reviewers, influences...

    So I'm currently doing a cost/ effort vs profit analysis to work out if this is still worth monthly continued effort/cost.

    And in the mean time I'm currently researching a new game which has me all a buzz. But, learning from my mistakes with JF, I'm making sure to do my market research before jumping in.
  • If you are still updating I'd like to suggest that in April you make the daily reward an egg instead of coins if the player doesn't have 150 game eggs. It might help with the player retention, pickup difficulty/grinding, and obsolete coins problems.
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  • @watman thanks for the input! That's a good idea, will consider implementing that into the next update.

    I've unlocked the egg hunt to be a forever hunt now. Not locked to the end of the month.

    And I've started dev on a new game concept which is a top down RPG (like zelda/final fantasy of old) maker in Unity which will enabled me to make any top down RPG I wish the future.

    Will release some info soon. :)
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