Jumpy Fish

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Jumpy fish is a mobile game I am currently designing! Which uses one touch controls, addictive gameplay and hyper casual random precedural creation to keep the players playing.

It started out as a Flappy bird clone and evolved from there during the process of the game.

"The fish don't want you to use them.. Why would you put them through the tortue of jumping through obstacles again and again and again so you can get the highest score and become number one in the world!... You're just sick!"

Beta release available for review from 20th January 2019. Watch this space!!


Event page for the game's release:

Come check out the Facebook page for the game:

Youtube Channel:


  • Main character animation sprite sheet!

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    Some promotional material to create disussions and start to create the appearance that the game is an alternate version of earth with human as fish.

  • Love the character designs! Fat human lips on animals is always a winner!

    How far along with the gameplay are you? Anything to share (gif, videos etc).

    Are you looking for any feedback?
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    Hey Evan! Thanks for your reply man. Big fan of your guys work. Robbie's game, "Genital Jousting" is legend!

    I'm about 95% complete with the game. It is currently in a closed beta to close friends and family but will be open to the very public soon. Getting some lekker feedback from everyone.
    It has a flappy bird, can't put it down, throw your phone against the wall in frustration feel to it.

    Currently in crunch, final push to the finish. Working on a exp and leveling feature for each fish to add longevity to the game to keep people playing for longer.

    Will add a link to the beta once I've uploaded this next big update!
    My brain has turned to mush, being in crunch for so long, but that's game design, lol.
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    Mr.F is watching you fool.
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    David Attenborough's voice "The Jumpy fish is a wonder of nature. Ever wondered what's inside one? Well here you go!"
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    The video below shows off the dynamic water physics within the game.

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    Nice Dave!

    Why don't you open the beta to the good folk here? Its not a massive crowd and could get some good feedback.

    Dave and I have been making games together since our younger days in Pretoria (that's why he referenced Robbie (@Squidcor), who was also kicking around our hood then). Unfortunately life got in the way and I haven't managed to stick with it as much as I'd love to (besides some Game Jams here and there). That said, Dave has managed to keep at it (relatively... had to bite the bullet on some pretty sketchy dev jobs along the way) and for this game specifically now I've been helping with some testing and feedback for the past few weeks. Must say its very impressive and polished, especially for a single guy working on this!

    Hope you guys get a chance to check it out soon and give some feedback :)
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  • Hi there, I really like the look.

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but will the game feature any in water obstacles?
    Cause the water physics are pretty cool and avoiding water based threats could be an interesting puzzle.
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  • Hi Lesedi!

    Thanks for your reply. Currently the water physics is a gimmick, looks a lot better than just a flat sprite, and not tied to game play.
    A water threat you will encounter are the movie JAWS inspired, great white sharks!
    At every obstacle the goal is to keep your heart jumping out of your chest!

    A final beta build will be available come the end of this week. So look out for this space!
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    One for all, and all for one!
  • This looks awesome :D You seem to have put a lot of work into it, and the art is brilliant, well done! I'm super keen to check it out when you get out an open beta. Watching this space.
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  • Some screenshots from the game!


    *From an older version. Images do not necessarily show finalized product.
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    Whose that Jumpy fish? it'sssssssss Blast!
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