ProjectOS (Restart)

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This is a thing. I am working on it. Will take a long ass time to finish.
Essentially a restart the actual game i want to build.
Small description of what s implemented so far is in video desc....

Maybe once I get all my minimal functionality ill be able to convince some artist to build my assets (collaborate?), I just want to concentrate on code. Modelling things eats too much time. This is how I have spent my XMASS.

Fortunatly various assets i have created previously will be usefull now. Especially the all the spaceship models piling up waiting for textures.


Thrusters are cool, no?

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  • Got Command Sequencing (Auto Pilot) to function for physics driven spacecraft.

    Now getting ready to get auto docking things to function (and avoidance).
    So assembled some test space stations in preparation for the next step.
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  • Love the sense of scale of the stations. Definite Event Horizon vibes in the last two images.
    Nicely done!
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    Simplistic animation I put together to visualize the the next thing I plan to build into game. Enclosed Launchpads so ships can be spawned and de-spawned behind closed doors (pun intended).

    I also recorded functional guidance mechanism for "Traditional" docking booms as well as autopilot control for sector gate activation, but now it's late and it hasn't uploaded. I hate the concept of "sleeping".

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