Global Game Jam at City Varsity, Cape Town

Rejoice, Cape Town! We've got a registered and approved site for Global Game Jam 2019!

Thanks @dammit for pushing us, and for getting the site approved so quickly.

We'll be jamming at City Varsity in Roeland Street. I'll post some more details about the schedule, security and amenities over the next few days. But in the meantime, you can join the site here:


  • Made a FB event if that's your thing:

    And some posters if that's useful:


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  • Hey Cape Town jammers,

    We're all set for the weekend. Here are a couple of details, in case you've been wondering:

    - The venue will be open for the full 48 hours. You can stay there through the night, but there aren't sleeping or showering facilities so - if you can - I'd recommend getting some good rest between jam days.
    - There will be Wifi, extension cables and multi plugs available. If you have your own, please bring them along.
    - There is 24 hour security at the venue, so you can leave your equipment overnight if you need to. Neither City Varsity nor Francois nor I will take responsibility for lost or stolen equipment, though, so do this AT YOUR OWN RISK.
    - We're looking into snack sponsorship for Friday and Sunday evenings (for the theme announcement and presentations), but please bring some money to donate or to buy your own. Big Box is next door to City Varsity, and do coffee, drinks and food: They're open until 22:00 on Friday and Saturday.
    - Parking is very limited and will be on a first come, first served basis. Please try to share rides or uber.
    - @francoisvn will be your on site point of contact.

    Shout if there are any questions, otherwise we'll see you at the jam! YAY!
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    Yo folks! I hope everyone is suitably excited for tomorrow!

    We have a doc with a bunch more info and FAQ:

    And here a short video in case you have no idea what GGJ is even:

    See everyone tomorrow!
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