[Job] Low-poly artist, 6 month fulltime, offsite

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We're working on a game that needs low-poly art in the style of https://gfycat.com/ZealousHastyAsp
It would be 6 months full time, starting Feb 2019. R30k per month.

You'd be working on assets for levels like that, and in that style.
We're using Unity, and I'd really prefer someone that has some form of experience in Unity so you can directly put the assets in. It would also be very advantageous if you have done this style of art before.
You will not need to actually design the structure of the levels, just the assets.

If you'd like more info about the game or post: matt@roguecode.com


p.s. We won't be making the decision right away since it is only from Feb.


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