The Psychology of Why We Fail to Fail - Resources

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So for those of you who enjoyed my talk last night or for anyone who was curious about it but couldn't be there, I've posted the slides and dug up some of the interviews that served as an inspiration. There's a lot more reading of books and articles over the years in that went in - but the videos are well worth watching several times over.
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  • Sjweet. Thanks @TheFuntastic, I was pretty bummed that I would miss the talk. I'll definitely go through the stuff over the weekend. Maybe even get some kind of conversation going about it as well. :)
  • This was a really great talk @TheFuntastic! I'm sure we've all heard of and experienced most of these issues in the process of making games, but it was really nice to have some solid psychological theory behind it. That stuff about perfectionism and seeing the flaws hit waaay to close to home :/ Thanks for posting those videos too.
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