HTC Vive grip buttons?

The documentation suggests that both grip buttons on the Vive controllers map to one axis.
The grip trigger differs between platforms:
The HTC Vive controller has grip buttons on either side but both map to the same axis. The value is 0.0 when not pressed and 1.0 when pressed with no intermediate values possible.

Does this mean I only get one input for both buttons? I am guessing you can use each button as it's own input but I can not be sure without a Vive to test? Anyone have any clues? Thank you!!!


  • That's correct, it doesn't matter what side you press the grip button on the Vive, it is one button for grip (per controller). I believe it is just on both sides of the controller since their controllers aren't hand specific.
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    Thanks @vince !

    Edit: ahhhh all of the diagrams do Not show the second grip button on the same controller... so there are actually 4 grip buttons between the two controllers but both buttons on each controller map to one axis...

    Does this mean it is easy to inadvertently press one Grip Button by just holding the controller?

    Should have looked at this earlier but I did not realize the Vive controller have so few buttons....hmmmmm
  • A (vive) controller has two physical grip buttons, that each map to the same axis yes. So for two controllers you would have two grip inputs, not four. At the bottom of the page you linked has more info on the grips and how they differ between Vive & Rift.

    If you need extra buttons on the vive, the most common approaches I can think of is either splitting the touch pad into 4 buttons (and showing this on the controller in game), using gestures for the touch pad actions (accomplishes the same as previous suggestion, but may be more context appropriate), or multiple control schemes (like holding a certain button changes what the rest of the buttons on the controller does).

    And finally as a side note, the grip button on the Vive was the one button most people new to VR struggled to find/use/press. These weren't gamers/tech savvy people though, but might be something to consider. Also in general holding the grip button gets tiring quite quickly, so try not to have it's interaction rely on holding it in for extended periods.
  • @vince thanks for filling in all gaps!
    holding the grip button gets tiring quite quickly
    This is what I was worried about. Thank you for the heads up!
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