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We are looking for: DEVELOPERS

A software developer specializing in developing core gameplay mechanics for games, as well as Editor Extensions, and reusable code (a framework). Developing new technologies and experimenting/prototyping new mechanics as well as accompanying editor extensions to improve the development process.

• To develop Game Play mechanics for training simulators, in the form of reusable code.
• To develop easy to use extensions for the Unity Editor.
• Experiment, and/or develop quality of life/workflow improvements and/or tools for the Unity Editor
• To develop well optimized complex algorithms to enable project specific needs to become possible.
• Must have understanding of developing global game managers and scriptable assets.

• C# - at least 4 years experience (Intermediate). .NET Framework 3.5.
• Proficiency in developing for the Unity Game Engine.
• Proficiency in developing editor extensions for the Unity Game Engine.
• Must prove ability to write realtime, reusable, highly oprimized intermediate logic in C# on .NET 3.5, in DLL/Assembly form (C# DLLs as Unity Plugins)

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