3D Asset Designers

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We are looking for 3D Asset Designer

A content creator tasked with creation of 2D/3D Assets and content within unity
To create optimized and fully textured 3D Meshes, setup prefabs
Must have a Game Development portfolio

• Game Poly Optimized 3D Modelling Skills.
o Must have a good understanding of LOD Systems.
o Will need to be able to Hand Optimize and/or detail meshes for Realtime rendered simulations.
• Full PBR texturing Workflow, UV Unwrapping, Substance Workflow. (Substance Designer/Painter and/or Quixel)
• Low and High Poly modelling, detail baking work flows.
• Proficiency in 3DSMax/Maya/Blender: Poly Modelling techniques.

• Animation Skills in 3DSMax as well as a with Unity's Animation Tools.
• Already knows how to execute common tasks in the unity game engine. Unity Timeline, Cinamachine, Prefab Setup, etc.
• Understanding of sculpting tools, such as ZBrush or MudBox.
• Proficiency in additional 3D Modeling tools or workflows.

Email: Quinton@boilerroom.co.za & Allan@boilerroom.co.za
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