Any Sites Available In JHB For Ludum Dare 43?

Hey guys!

I was wondering if there is any news on whether or not there will be any registered sites for the next Ludum Dare on the 30th November? I have just checked Ludum Dare's website and haven't seen anything about anything of the sort yet - despite the fact that it is only 11 days away - but would be really keen on a site to join and jam with a bunch of other game devs again. I know Microsoft was kind enough to host LD41 in the middle of the year this year and it was awesome.

If you have any news of any sites available or any possible sites becoming available please let me know here! :3

Much of thanks and I hope that you will all participate in the last Ludum Dare of the year! :D It's going to be rad!


  • Ludum Dare 43 overlaps solidly with Playtopia this year, so I think a lot of the Joburg peeps will be down in CT then. Maybe something can still be organised, but I think the usual suspects won't be able to this year.
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  • Yeah I usually push for a venue but not this time. I was very sad when I saw the dates overlapped, but ah well not much I can do about that!

    @Timothy if you are keen to please try and get people together to jam! It's really the best way to!
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