Gamification Jam with BIG prizes!


Some of you may know me but most of you won't. I went to a few of the Cape Town meetups before moving overseas to pursue a game dev career in London.

Although I expected London to be "bigger and better" in all regards - the game studios are definitely way bigger - I was pleasantly surprised to find that the indie game dev scene is pretty much on par with SA. If anything, because the SA scene is smaller there's a much stronger sense of community which is heartwarming.

Anyway, enough of my reminiscent ramblings. Let's get down to business:

The company that I work for is hosting an online game jam open to all. Basically they've taken 20+ years of game development experience and used that to build a Gamification Engine that can quickly and easily be added on top of new and existing games to make them more challenging, socially rewarding and ultimately more fun.

It is completely free to use, open source and comes with a Unity integration.

As we're based in the UK and mainly appealing to the EU the prizes listed are in euros but here's the conversion into rands (at the current rate):

- try not to fall of your seat:

1st Place: R 56964.60
2nd Place: R 16275.60
3rd Place: R 8137.80

Now the reason I am posting this here is that I am a firm believer in what the South African game dev community has to offer. We've already seen some great indie successes come out of SA so we all know that we're on par with the rest of the world


this is a game jam after all so no one is expecting the next Desktop Dungeons, Bro Force or Semblance so it doesn't matter what your skill level is. Submit what you can and you may be laughing your way to the bank very soon.

If you want to find out more you can find our official jam page on itch here:

And if you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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