Student needs your help!

Hey, all

This is an appeal for contributions to help pay Bracken’s university fees so that he may graduate end of 2018.

Bracken is a final year Game Design student at Wits. He is an incredible student and an amazing human being who is an asset to our world. You can read his story here:

Should you wish to help, you can make your contribution through Feenix (Standard Bank has started a crowd funding initiative to help young people access financial assistance to further their studies through the Feenix website)

Any amount - even R50 or less will make a difference if enough of us work together to help.

You can see this attached link to see Bracken's story and offer a donation via Feenix:

Or, you can contact me if you'd prefer to make a direct donation into Bracken's WITS account.

Should you require any further information, please kindly email me here:

Thanking you
Leia French
(Wits Game Design Student)
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  • Instead of trying to create another post doing the same thing I opted to actually post a comment here so that the thread stays somewhat relevant. Bracken has kind of been a redeeming person in life at WITS as a game designer. not to long ago the wits game design degree lacked the focus i thought i would be getting so it was always a pleasure to have the enthusiastic bracken available to talk, share insight, teach concepts and above all just have a rousing bout of banter with. I dont want to talk him up as god send but i will say that the impact he's had on my life is unmistakeable if not remarkable. So if anyone has any iniatives, feels like or see's something that might be of help please keep our lovely Bracken in your thoughts. His Twitter handle is @Count_Bracula if you feel the inclination to share his goal over there.
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