Super Playtopia Decor & Finish Yr Damn Game Jam


Superfriends assemble!

Playtopia - Indie Games & Interactive Arts Festival is almost upon us! Let's get together one last time to make things for it!

We'll be focusing on two things for this jam:
1. Make a bunch of awesome decor for SFA's Playtopia Arcade.
2. Finish off any games and controllers that we're working on for the festival.

Where and when:
The Free Lives Compound - 10 Willow Road, Airlie, Cape Town
Saturday 17 November - 10AM-10PM

Is this for me?
Yes! SFA is all about spreading the gospel of punk party games and growing a more diverse community of creators and players! You're encouraged to attend regardless of experience level! With veteran Superfriends around to welcome you, making decor is dead easy, and making new friends is even easier!

What should I bring?
Yourself! Bonus points for bringing a packed lunch or lunch money!

Decor-Jammers: Feel free to bring along any arts and crafts supplies that you'd like to use on decor. These could include, lights, paint, markers, cardboard or old electronics.

Game-jammers: With Playtopia around the corner, this is the perfect chance for you to polish up your creation for the event! You know what to do!

What's a Playtopia?
Curious about SA first home-brewed celebration of indie games and interactive art? Like Playtopia on Facebook for all the news about the event and it's incredible collection of artists, game developers, speakers, games and installations! Don't forget to buy tickets to Playtopia - Indie Games & Interactive Arts Festival Festival too!

Looking forward to making things with you!

Be excellent to each other!
❤️ SFA
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2460 x 1020 - 1M
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