[Sat 27 Oct] Diski Skills AR card game launch @ Goethe JHB

Hey guys, I worked on the game design of a little card game about 1v1 Diski soccer, and it's launching this weekend.
I'm pretty happy about how the game plays :) But come and see for yourself if you will :)

Where: Goethe Institute (119 Jan Smuts Avenue - Parkwood, 2193)
When: Saturday 27 Oct 1pm

More details:

Official words:
The Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, in cooperation with augmented reality specialists Something Else Design Agency, has created a brand new card game which not only celebrates South African freestyle football culture, but also brings it alive through the latest Augmented Reality technology.

The game will be launched in a fun filled event on 27 October 2018 at the Goethe-Institut, with opportunities to play the game and a freestyle competition aiming to find new talent. The competition will be judged by a jury consisting of professional freestylers and PSL players, with amazing prizes to be won. Participants can enter by uploading a short video of their skills on social media, tagging the Goethe-Institut and using the hashtag #DiskiSkills.


The Diski Skills AR Card Game aims to promote South African street and freestyle football. In line with this, the freestyle competition hopes to unearthen new freestyling talents from Gauteng and increase the visibility of freestyle football in South Africa.

1st prize: the opportunity to showcase your tricks to an even bigger crowd! The winner of the competition will be doing a halftime show at a Bidvest Wits game together with our Freestylers Ozzi, Keagan & Angie. Additionally, the winner will get an original Adidas Champions League match ball.
2nd prize: a voucher worth R2,000 from Adidas
3rd prize: a signed jersey from our jury member Denis Weidlich

Upload a video showcasing your skills on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #DiskiSkills and tag the Goethe-Institut @GoetheJoburg until 19 October 2019.
The Diski Skills team will then select the best freestylers to be invited to the launch event and perform their tricks in front of the jury.

The jury consists of professional freestylers as well as PSL players. The members are:

 Denis Weidlich, Bidvest Wits player from Germany
 Ozwin Edwards, professional freestyler
 Keagan Everton, professional freestyler
 Angelique Ferreira, professional freestyler
 …and a surprise guest!

For more information, please send an email to Jonas.Radunz@goethe.de or go to: https://www.goethe.de/ins/za/en/kul/sup/dsa.html.


  • That sounds pretty interesting. For folks that aren't in the area, will you share more about your game at some point after this weekend? I'm personally keen to see more :)
  • Yeah I'll share some info after the event, I haven't even seen the components myself yet as I only worked on the game design and none of the graphic design, which is weird for me :P
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  • Okay! The game was released, and it was rad to see people play the game and having fun without my having to tell them anything. Everything from kids to adults. So I count that as a yay :)

    I wrote a blog about it, which includes the rules of the game:

    Ah heck here are the rules, though in a photo since I don't have the files (since I didn't work on the actual graphics, again, weird!)

  • This sounds awesome, wish I coulda been there. So what did the AR element do to the cards? L
  • The AR element is not part of the gameplay but it shows off a video of the move depicted on the card, so people can learn the move. It was pretty fun. I didn't get a good photo of the feature, here a bad photo :)

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