Gamemaker studio html5 multiplayer

I am using gamemaker studio 1.4 with the html5 export and as a server to try and make a little browser based multiplayer. I can get gamemaker to communicate to the server and send/receive some variables, but i am making a total hash of things on the side of things and what I get back causes the screen to render big black blocks and slows the game down to unplayable speeds. So I am doing something wrong.
I am certain that this is simple to those who are not newbies like me

Does anyone have any experience with gamemaker studio and in the multiplayer context? Could a tutorial be pointed out to me etc. I have not found very easily digestable references online.

This is not a job per say, but if there are folk who do know a bit about this, I could remunerate for consutling work, but I would like to do the actual coding myself, just need a point of reference.
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