[Project] Superior Wizards

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Hey everyone. I'm Joel. This is an update on Superior Wizards.

I've added a story, some dialogue, several new spells, duels with various opponents, gauntlets, challenges, monsters and riddles.

You can play the game for free in your browser here (There is currently an issue where the audio cuts out. I am working in fixing that.)

It is in Early Access on Steam here



1366 x 768 - 49K
1366 x 768 - 85K


  • I like your cutaway views inside the buildings.

    Maybe look into giving MakegameSA Steam Curator a free copy to play...

    Asking that players
    must promise to play the game enthusiastically
    is ah.. how to say it...

    Its tough to give reviews when there are a lot of steps to play, especially economic commitments.

    To get the best response and feedback from the community (about the actual game) I would make it super accessible to play.
    A free limited web browser version being the easiest.
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    Thank you. I have taken your advice and I've posted a free web browser version here

    Do you know how I can contact MakegameSA Steam Curator?
  • I think the MakegamesSA Steam Curator is under that name .. "MakegamesSA." I think they would come up in the Steam search function but I have not tried yet. Checking the web version now =)
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