(Looking for Stencyl/ActionScript 3 Programmer) Game in development

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Hi all,

We've been working part time on a game targeted at Facebook / Kongregate but also Android & iOS.
The team is going strong in the game design / story / art / music departments but our coder is currently very swamped with other projects.

If you interested to get involved in our "profit share" project please give me a shout.
We'll be using Stencyl which has an ActionScript 3 code mode.

Interested to see if any coders are interested, from there we can chat more about the game.



  • Screenshots, concept, story, gameplay.

    Give us some curiosity-fodder please! :)
  • Thanks for the interest, we very excited to unveil what we working but currently we keeping it within the team & those we getting feedback from. Basically if anyone is free to work on it we can chat & pull the curtain back. Just my style of working, prob comes from being an artist who doesn't like showing his work before it's done. But that being said I've learnt a lot from MGSA about prototyping & getting feedback, just doing it in a controlled environment for the time being.
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