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Hi Guys

I've been working on for the past year. It is a free to play game at the moment. I plan on keeping it free to play and to later add extra game play modes and ui features for paid accounts. The idea behind the game is to get the highest score by gathering as many relics and a resource called 'nektaar' as possible. Nektaar can be used to feed yourself, shoot, build nests and Underlings. (Underlings are computer controlled units). a game lasts 25 minutes after which it ends and the scoreboard is shown. Currently the maximum amount of players in a game instance is 10. (I can make bigger maps with a higher limit, but then its hard to find opponents on the map)

You can play the game at:

I designed the game to run in a browser on a cellphone. It works best in Chrome.
Feedback will be much appreciated!

Click here for game play video on youtube

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  • Good times! The movement is a little jerky, but otherwise game play is good.
    I would add some boundary art, like water or cliffs, to give the experience a less 'in dev' feel.
    The action is fast enough when in combat that I my eyes dont want to travel the screen to check UI... I died not knowing my health. I would suggest moving the UI for health and nectar onto the player so it is always apparent. good stuff keep it up
  • thanks for the feedback, Moga! When in the game you can activate the frames per second and latency counter to check that the jerkyness is not maybe due to fps or latency toward the server. (its under graphics options in the menu) .Moving health and nectar indicators is a good idea (or maybe duplicating them on to the player). Especially on a cellphone i find one's thumb getting in the way of the player stats bar. I'm not good at art, I got someone to do the terrain for me, so for now I am planning on focussing on gameplay and bugs, but will probably revisit it later.
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    Hi an update:

    I moved my server overseas. Latency will be a bit higher now from South Africa, but theres more players playing! The game is more stable now, I fixed some bugs. Also implemented latency smoothing to make it less jerky. I had an issue with intel on-chip gpu's that did not handle the optimisations well that i added for the game to run faster on mobile phones. I now detect the gpu and disable these optimisations when someone joins from a pc that does not have a dedicated gpu, but only integrated intel graphics. (although one still needs an intel HD4000 or higher to have any decent performance) Now that I have some players playing, I have to try and balance the game play. Suggestions will be appreciated! I need to balance amount of nektaar in the game, the length of a game, map size, amount of players in a game instance, aaand the cost for shooting. currently it costs 1 nektaar to shoot 1 projectile which is very costly.

    play the game:

    game instructions: (scroll down)

    current ideas I have are to be able to heal your own nests / units by shooting them, 'tunneling' between nests to quickly travel around, and making the map expand as more players join. I am also thinking of some kind of mechanic that one can do from in the nest to boost your underlings (your a.i. units). Maybe a 'boost underlings' button.
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