Stencyl, is it any good?

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Quick questions, has anyone tried out Stencyl, the game dev software???

I'm aware of Gamemaker / Gamesalad but neither can export to Flash at this point & I want to take our game onto Facebook & Kongregate as well as Android & iOS.



  • A friend of mine (the very one who sat me down and forced me to first use GM all those years ago when I was trying to write my own engines all the time instead) recently made a game in Stencyl. He doesn't code often and made a really neat platformer that he put up on Kongregate. He seemed to enjoy Stencyl, so I'd say that's a pretty good recommendation there.
  • Great to hear, thanks, it's really looking promising. I'm going to need to recruit a proper programmer to handle some of the more advance aspects of our game though but will see how far we get, amped!
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