[SA Game Jam 2018] Cape Town writer looking for team to join

Hi there!

So I'm very keen to join a Cape Town-based team as a writer for the SA Game Jam 2018. I'm reaching out to hear if anyone is interested in adding a writer to their team? I've checked out the Crowdforge page but I see there are currently only two teams listed (one in JHB) and I'm not sure how to approach it as a writer (there is no option for a writer to join).

I currently make a living as a professional writer.

I've taken part in game jams before by my lonesome and usually from the comfort of home. With this jam, I'd love to be part of a Cape Town-based team (hopefully one keen on jamming at the Vega venue) where I can mostly focus on the writing/narrative aspects. In the past, having to focus on art, sound, code, etc. while also trying to convey a narrative turned out to be a bit time consuming.

RE game engines - I am most familiar with GameMaker Studio 1.4, Twine 2 and Unity. But I have dabbled with other engines/programs like Unreal Engine 3 and Blender. Just like to add this so that you know that I am aware of how much narrative changes can affect other disciplines such as art, coding, etc.

I don't have much coding experience at the moment (although I'm quite comfortable with GameMaker's GML and Twine 2's SugarCube 2 language).

I've attached a slightly improved version of a Twine horror game I posted here a while back, just to give you an idea of what I've done before.

Not sure what else to add at the moment lol. If you're keen, you can drop a comment or DM me. Also, let me know if you have any questions. Any feedback or advice welcome :)

Eerie Days.zip


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