[Looking for] Old Guitar Hero controllers

Hi all

I am tinkering with an idea for an alternative controller game that requires 2 Guitar Hero controllers. Does anyone have or know someone that has one or two that they would be willing to part with? Since the craze died a couple of years ago I thought that they would be easier to find but I haven't had much luck...



  • I'd like to keep mine. Check your local Cash Crusaders/Converters - I've seen a few
  • You should check JunkMail.co.za.. I had a look around the internet for one recently when I found out about Clone Hero. JunkMail had more listed at the time than OLX or Gumtree.
  • Thanks @Krummelz!

    I managed to find some at a Cash Crusader in Stellenbosch but I will definitely keep JunkMail.co.za in mind!
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