My LOWREZ jam entry that didn't make the deadline.

So I made this tower defense game for the LOWREZ game jam this year but I failed to make the deadline for the entry, I did however decide to finish the project and upload it. If you want to check it out here is the link and some screenshots.

I did learn allot about Unity and making a 64 x 64 resolution game and that choosing a game type for that resolution needs to be done carefully, but over all I enjoyed the challenge tremendously.

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  • I've actually been super curious about this, how *exactly* do you build a 64x64 game in Unity? I know there must be different approaches so I'm not asking for a one-size-fits-all, but in this case it looks like you have sprites (I'm not Windows so can't play) and they move around, are the movements pixel-perfect or does the output of the screen interpolate the pixel rendering to-pixel rather than between pixels?

    *curious* :)
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    @Tuism Hi ya as far as I understand it the screen interpolates the current pixel to the closest rendering pixel available for the resolution.

    If you want to know more you can read further, I'm using Unity3D set up for 2D mode where I render my orthographic camera target texture to a render texture that is set to 64 by 64 size and has wrap mode to clamp and filter mode to point to force the pixel rendering to the closest pixel proximate. From there I render to a raw image texture input in the UI.

    Hope that makes sense and as far as I understand it this should be achievable with all games made in unity. I'm a bit of a noob so this might not be the most effective way of doing this but it is how I decided to do it ;)
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  • Hey @LittleBear. Congrats on finishing the game even if it missed the deadline. I tried to play the game but didn't know how to. I click on a tile it brings up the building menu (as explained in readme) but don't know how to build. Click on the items in the building menu doesn't do anything. Am I missing something?
  • Hey @SUGBOERIE the cost for a tower is four food so when you have that you can build a new tree, the space limits on a resolution of 64x64 did not make this type of game the best idea in the world, can't display all the info that is really needed. Thanks for giving it a try man I appreciate it allot :).
  • Yo. Sorry, I'm still not getting it. How do I get the food? Basically what do I do first.

    I like the end game screen, like how you manage to depict such as scene with such low rez.
  • @SUGBOERIE The food is suppose to generate slowly on its own and then when you build a tree and add a farm to it it should generate faster. Thanks I'm working on my pixel art skills :)
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