Pixel artist looking for a project to work on [2D] - Found a project!

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Hi! I'm Lu, I've been doing pixel art for 2-3 years now. I am looking to work on a game project, I am more after the experience of working on a game. I have attached some of my works from this year.

Edit: I found a project to work on (:
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  • Welcome! :D

    I'm not an artist, so I can't really comment on that side of things, but my 2c on doing free work: Don't work for free. Basically ever. If it's for a project that aims to make money, then they can compensate you, at a minimum with rev share but preferably paid upfront. If it's for some collaborative project or a game jam, that's cool but don't sign over the rights to your work without some form of compensation. Also note that like 90% of small hobby projects that start tend to never release, so once again: keeping rights to your work is still a good idea. Never work for exposure: if the exposure is truly worth it then they can compensate you. Game jams and prototypes are potentially a great way to get some exp and build up your portfolio, so try join in those! Sorry if this is all old news for you from the art world, I just get anxious whenever I see someone offer their services for free and hear the horror stories of how they get taken advantage of.]


    Not sure if you know, but tools have advanced quite a bit and nowadays it's possible to make some cool games with zero to no programming skills. Check out tools like Game Maker or Construct for tutorials and example projects where you can pretty much drop in your art and start playing and testing with it. These might be the best and fastest way to get exp with game art, and having some clunky prototypes with your art will also make for great portfolio pieces - they show you better understand the nuances of making art for games :D

    Good luck!
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