[Cape Town] LogicFlow seeks junior-mid level devs, long-term freelance

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LogicFlow (me!) is seeking people willing to apply themselves to learning and achieving in an active developer role.

Projects (potentially) on the horizon include:
-Unity upgrading/porting a game (several months' work)
-Unity AR project (couple months' work)
-Unity AR project (1-2 years)
-Unity hidden object game (month or two's work)
-Image processing job (month's work, maybe using shaders)
-Large Unity game project (6 months+).

If not University trained, you will need to be a self-taught coder - enough to use C# or some other language to a reasonable degree. You need the right sort of intellect, attitude, and drive to succeed. You will be in an environment where a rigourous engineering mindset is required to solve difficult logical problems.

You also need to be amenable to a mentor/mentee relationship. This is very much a startup environment and requires people willing to work hard to help develop and maintain our client base in Cape Town. You will be thoroughly and rigorously tested in the trial period. Do not bother applying if you think rewards come without serious effort.

You will be working in beautiful Hout Bay, learning from no. 8 on gamedev.SE to write truly clean code in an agile environment, in a range of different technologies and really learning game dev from the ground up in the process of working with clients and internal projects. Paid, rolling contract basis following the initial trial period.
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  • Hi Nick, can you share an email address I can contact you on?
  • Hello I am looking forward to this opportunity. Kindly send me your contacts so we can converse
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    This is a website with a private messaging facility. Use it if you wish to contact me! smh
  • This is a website with a private messaging facility. Use it if you wish to contact me! smh
    In fairness, you could have said that in your opening post, email is quite standard smh :P
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    P.S. To those who were laughable enough to like Francois' comment above: Anyone who actually wants the job, is going to have to be a little bit smarter than sitting there and begging for an email address, when they have instant access via PM.

    But then maybe each of you would have taken the same path, in their shoes? If so... I can only chuckle at you.

    EDIT: Aaaand now they're doing the same on LinkedIn *rofl* Great way to filter out candidates! Don't have to lift a finger.
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    @NickWiggill That's a bit of a hostile tone. Do you really think that it portrays your company in a good light?

    With respect, it's important to remember that employment is a two way street, particularly culture wise. I've turned down otherwise attractive offers because of comments like this.
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    @NickCuthbert, to each his own. I prefer applicants tough and ready to roll. Hasn't stopped applications coming in today.

    I think maybe you missed the part that says this is an indefinite-term contract, not employment.
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    @NickWiggill: It is of course your prerogative to arrange your hiring pipeline in whatever way you like, but I feel that the way you are positioning your company and your approach to hiring has the potential to reduce the labour pool accessible to your company in an already small labour market. I am not going to details as to why your communication is problematic and possibly hurting your company, but I would urge your to consider what I am saying.
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    Thanks @NickCuthbert, but from my end I think you are missing the obvious - which is that good candidates for this role will be those smart enough to "find a way", as that is exactly what will be expected of them daily. Reaching is rewarded.

    Good luck in your own endeavours, and feel free to apply your particular strategies as you see fit in your own business.
  • Are the only roles you have open at them moment for Unity? I am a highly intelligent engineer and only code in C.
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  • @CiNiMoD, not at all, C would be a good basis to work from. PM me if you wish to discuss further. Thanks for your interest.
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