rot.js: ROguelike Toolkit in JavaScript

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I got handed this link because I'm doing a bit of JavaScript and HTML5 at work and it looks interesting so I thought I'd share.

I have no idea how this will work out but they've got a demo The Royal Wedding which visually reminds me of Brogue.


  • I made this in little over an hour

    The wiki tutorial is broken but the interactive manual is quite good once you get going.

    I'll try to update my game with combat and items when I can.
  • Probably very useful for stuff like the 7DRL challenge, but a little too specific for my taste.
  • I don't think at all. It's actually just a collection of "neat" functions like some dungeon digging, A* pathfinding, FOV calculations. There are no combat functions, items or stats. That's all up to you. There's not even menu management stuff, so I think you're very free to do what you please
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