[ProtoType] Wrong Pong - Because pong that is played single player is wrong.

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Or is it not pong LOL.

Hi Guys. Me again with a prototype I have been playing around with. I actually like this game so far.
Object is to Match colors of that ball with the wall. Left to right speed is set. you can tap to jump or double tap to make a higher jump.

After every hit the ball color changes and the wall colors randomizes.

See how high your score can get is the goal. Compete to place on the top 5 ( Game says Top 10 ) Sorry will fix that.
World ranking place to top 1000.

Please download it here if you have android.

Need some feedback if you don't mind please.

Sound - No Sound for now.

Thank you for your time.
384 x 626 - 27K
373 x 634 - 13K


  • Love the look of this one. It definitely has the opportunity for some fun sound effects when you get around to it.
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