[Event] LUDUM DARE 42 (Aug 10) (Venues confirmed!)

JOBURG VENUE CONFIRMED at Microsoft Bryanston!!!! :D See below for details!


LUDUM DARE 42 is just around the corner! This time they'll be starting 3 hours ahead of their usual time, so midnight for us from the Friday. Which is pretty cool.

Joburg side, I'm busy trying to arrange the venue at Microsoft.

Is there any other venue that will be hosting Ludum Dare? Vega?

And CT?

Consolidate them info for LD here please :)


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    I'm keen to do this Ludum Dare!! [Edited]
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    Big thanks to Lebo for sorting this!

    Microsoft Bryanston
    Corporate Hill, 3012 William Nicol Dr, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2031
    10 Aug Friday 17:00
    There Will Be Food!

    This jam is free and open to everyone, there will be two categories of jams, the 48 hours solo format or the 72 hours team format, you're free to jam however you want to jam :)

    YAY! :D

    Event link on facebook, please indicate your attendance to the event there, it would help us a lot in getting everything right for our GAME JAM PARTAYYYY YAYYYY
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  • There will be a venue in Pretoria too, at Open Window Academy - https://www.facebook.com/events/288759478344105/
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    I wasn't sure if I was too keen on doing this LD but Im getting amped! I even submitted some theme suggestions for the first time! :D

    Went with:
    - Smoke and Mirrors
    - Complete the loop
    - Together we are stronger

    What do you think? Has anyone else submitted some themes?
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  • I usually don't care about the theme until seeing it on the day, I like getting my brain whacked with something completely unknown, that usually makes for the most interesting ideas, for me :)
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    I've submitted some themes!

    - Entropy
    - Heat Death Of The Universe
    - Is this the real world?

    Though I'm not going to pay a ton of attention to the theme, even if they choose one I suggested. I'll adjust for the theme, but this jam in particular I'm keen to try make something that'd be worth finishing.

    Personally, I've done a lot of jamming this year already, and made a lot of games that interested me (and quite often that was what motivated me to make it, that I thought the idea was interesting). Now I want to make a game that I'm actually good at making and also want to play (those are the main constraints I'm putting on myself this Ludum Dare).
  • I'm there!! :3
  • I'll see everyone at Microsoft tomorrow evening starting from 6 <3

    Be prepared, bring these:
    1. Snacks
    2. Sleeping stuff (if you're sleeping there)
    3. Update your tools (Unity, GMS, etc)
    4. Puppy (if you have one to spare)


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