[Event] CT Meetup - 25th July

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This event happens monthly, is free to attend, and anyone may speak at the meetup - just comment beneath to let us know! This is for anyone and everyone interested in making games of any shape, size or type. Come join us!

Test games! Talk games! Make games!

When: 18:30 until around 21:30, Last Wednesday of the month

Where: Bandwidth Barn - 68 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925

If you have a demo you want played, bring a station on which people can play it, and set it up before the meetup begins!

- 6:30 - 7:00 - Meet and greet
- Rapid fire intros (10 min)
- Community News (5 min)

Talks - 2 x 20 min slots:
- Inclusive Design
- Maximum Sarcasm! That'll never work!

Focused Feedback - 2 x 10 min slots
- TBD (this could be you!)
- TBD (this could be you!)

Open Demo Floor

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1761102413958155/

If you'd like to give a talk or show something to get some feedback, please post below!
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  • Are there particular things that someone wants to learn from a talk?
  • I will bring a short presentation of the latest project WONDERLAND
  • @John: Cool! Can you please clarify: are you asking for a talk slot or a focused feedback slot? Have you been to a meetup before to see how things work and get a feel for it all? (sorry if you have and I'm just not connecting a face to your online handle!)
  • @francoisvn Just a quick talk slot if it's available. Mostly around double-precision world creation with a new game engine I'm making. (There's some slides on a laptop). I will def. get a feedback slot next time. It will be my first time at this meetup.
  • On a different note: I've added a new talk to the agenda for Wednesday, which came up last meetup and was just confirmed now.

    @John: I think it's usually a good idea for people to first attend a meetup before giving a talk, so they can get a better idea of how a meetup typically runs. That said, there is still space this meetup so any of of the following options could work:

    1. You use a focused feedback slot this meetup to show your game. This is only 10 minutes, but you get the attention of all the audience and generally a bunch of very useful feedback. It's a lot more defined structure compared to a talk.
    2. You do both a focused feedback and talk next month. Not sure if you knew this was an option, but there's nothing that precludes this. We don't want people to monopolise the stage, but this would totally be fine.
    3. Like you suggested, you do a talk this month and a focused feedback next month. We can totally do this but I think options 1 or 2 might be easier for you :)

    With that in mind, what do would you like to do? If you want to have something on the agenda this month, can you please give me a title I can use?
  • @francoisvn ah ok never mind. I'm only in SA this week, will recruit game devs directly
  • @John: Oh ok, I wasn't aware you were trying to recruit people, that wasn't clear to me at all. It also wasn't clear you were only in SA a week - I thought you were here significantly longer because you said you wanted to show stuff next month. If you'd like to give a talk, that's still potentially an option - just confirm and give me a title pls! I only mentioned the other options because it felt like they might work better for you. Either way, I hope you'll still be at the meetup later today :)
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