Anyone hosting servers on Azure?


I'm currently hosting an MMO server on AWS, which is pretty effortless, but I'm worried about their 'no cap' approach. If a lot of people join the server, or if there's malicious activity like DDOS, I get the bill.

Has anyone had experience with Azure? It looks like they have a pay-as-you-go option, but it's not clear what would happen if I went over a preset limit (or if there is a preset limit). Let's say I wanted to limit my server costs to R300 a month, and simply switch off after that, would that be possible?

Or any other Windows server hosting (yes, I know, sigh, Windows Server... but 'it just works' and has capacity for 16million concurrent connections out the box)



  • They have lots of different services so it is hard to know exactly which you're looking at.
    However in general Azure (and AWS) are expensive and I'm guessing much more than you'll need, especially at the stage your game is currently at.
    Why not look at generic shared hosting from someone like hetzner, at least until you need scaling and stuff?
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    @roguecode I had a look at Hetzner - yikes - R1000 a month for the cheapest Windows Server. I have some Wordpress sites with them and the performance is abysmal after a week or so.

    AWS is R100 a month for a much better spec Windows Server (2 Cores, 1GB RAM, 20GB HDD space), plus 3D PostgreSQL/PostGIS out the box.

    It looks like Azure is much more expensive. R1000 for a single VM. (But I might be wrong here, can't imagine why they wouldn't be price-competitive with AWS) I was wrong. There's a dropdown to choose a basic 1-Core Windows VM at R242 a month.
    Think I'll stick with AWS for now and just be careful with the data
  • @John
    If you're comfortable setting up your own stuff, has some options as well.

    I have a VPS for $9.99 (Canadian) a month.
    Their dedicated servers starts at $71.00 so that is a little pricier.

    That'll help control data costs. And I've only had really great service from them. They also have really fast connections on the VPS so you can download all the software you need straight on the box with very little effort.
  • @TheCorinthian I'll check it out. Thanks
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