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The college I would like to study at is running a competition for a mobile game concept. The winner wins a bursary, and I would love to win this. I want to do a tower defense game, with an elemental fantasy theme. I want my concept to be unique so any suggestions or ideas are welcome.

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  • Tower defense is a pretty established genre, the best you can do there is compete for art-style and presentation/execution, basically polish...

    Anyway, what would you like feedback on, do you have anything prepared so far?
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    What if - the tower defense game took place in space? I never seen a space based tower defense game.

    Or, What if they were on the moon? Mooning the invaders with fart turrets?

    Albeit - Fantasy Tower Defense is pretty common. I think the best anyone could do in this genre, is mash up the themes...

    ... Zombie Tower Defense (defend the zombies against invading hoomans, harvest them to fuel your brain cannons).
    ... Rock Star Tower Defense (against swarms of bikini girls).
    ... Vegetarians versus Hamburger Ketchup Towers?
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  • What exactly is the judging criteria, if there's a real opportunity at stake here, that should be the first question you ask.

    Ideas are a dime a dozen... Dating Sim Tower Defence where the towers are personality traits that you have to develop to become the best match for your ideal partner? Synapses are cats?

    I'll take 5% thank you.
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  • Yeah, Tower defense is a pretty tapped out genre.

    You should check out Tower Wars...

    Tower defense, but both players defend and send troops. So a little competitive Tower Defense. It'll be tough coming up with unique ideas, although I must say @Tuism 's dating sim TD sounds amazing.
  • My point was that if you just throw random genres and words and stuff together (literally just go to you'll get ideas out the wazoo. So that's not really the important thing - the important thing is to know what are the criteria for judgement :)
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    From what I saw, the competition's at (what's predominantly) an art school, with the document that would be submitted primarily being a style guide with a bit of "game-related" fluff.

    They don't appear to mention what the judging criteria are. But based on that, I'd personally expect that picking an over-saturated genre doesn't actually matter, because I don't expect that they're legitimately trying to make a massively profitable/popular game (although obviously everyone involved would like that). Instead, I think the goal with the project is just to do something that they'd enjoy, to have fun doing it, to apply visual design principles, and to learn a bunch of skills along the way.

    I think that if you take something that you'd really enjoy doing anyway (i.e. something you're quite sure you'd love to work on for a whole year without getting bored of), but make one significant twist that makes it different to most of South African art school lecturers are likely to have seen, you could end up with something quite interesting. :)

    Best of luck!
  • Thanks to everyone for great advice. @Elyaradine you are exactly right with what you said.
  • @Elyaradine is exactly right, I haven't seen this comp (and noone linked it and I didn't google since I didn't know what I was looking for) so I don't know what's going on, but if they're asking for a style guide and it's a primarily art course, then *that* is the criteria you're gunning for - not a game in the end.

    Good luck and have fun :)
  • Some really nice advice in this thread. Nice to the online community being so helpful and engaging!
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