SA Indie Game Survey

If you've ever made and released an indie game and are based South Africa please fill in this survey: . Please only fill in if you own the IP to the game. I'm particularly interested in games that were not a commercial success!

The data is being used for a benchmark study on how local games perform.


  • Just for clarity - what is considered a commercial success?

    Lots of downloads?
    Financially broke even?
    Financially made more than X amount profit?

  • @Oneil_CT: Nick is looking for games that were not a commercial success, and it should be pretty easy to filter out any games that's don't meet that criteria. So fill the survey in and have Nick decide what to do with the data :)
  • To clarify, there's no filter for success or not for filling this form in. What Nick meant was simply - submit your realeased game - any of them. A lot of people automatically assume that they shouldn't submit when their game wasn't successful - Nick was pre-empting that.

    If your game was released, submit it! That's it!
  • What about unreleased games that significant money and time was spent on?
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