[Seeking Work] [Demo] C#/Unity Developer seeking new job.

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Looking for work urgently.

I am self taught in everything I know.
I have no damn BSc or any of that jazz (no money for certifications).
I can do modelling for hard surface things.
And I can write code I guess...

Previous Work:
- Non-gamedev jobs (meh).
- C#/Unity Lecturer at Learn3D (2 years).
- Developer at Boiler Room (6 months)

- C# (primary).
- HLSL/ShaderLab (Unity). I know enough to create my own things, but I feel way more can be learned.
- Visual Studio. Primary IDE. I am familiar with Winforms and GDI+ as well.
- 3DSMax (self taught, enough to make my own props, but many things I would like to learn).
- Substance Designer (used for texture most things in demo below, Material-ID based workflow).
- Supstance Painter (owned, but hardly used).
- Git Repositories
-- (Currently, all of my code is hosted on Microsoft servers, and I use Sourcetree for GUI).

I am currently working on this until I run out of money:

I was previously working on:

And this is on hold:
Video: https://www.indiedb.com/media/iframe/1284418

Some screenshots/renders:


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