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  • $500 seems awfully low for an original score for a full game.
  • Can I ask why, if your financial situation is so dire, you're not going with some of the perfectly fine stock music you can buy off a number of sites instead of looking for custom work? It may not perfectly fit your vision for you game, but given limited financial resources, it may be a better way to spend your money.

    And why is your financial situation so dire? I hope you haven't sold all your things to fund this game? That's generally not a sound financial move.

    It's also asking a lot to expect kickstarter backers to fund you when your financial position is so unstable.
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  • "there is no group that gets more discrimination here than middle aged white men"


    That's all I need to know.
  • 4. If you are an immigrant in America you don't get good jobs here. You get the crap that no one else wants to do. Like heavy lifting. Its "Americans first, always" religion here (if you never heard that before).

    5. I have taken visual effects work away from smaller VFX companies in the industry here and because they are all connected with their little secret networks they don't like me too much.
    Those two points contradict each other. Which is it, are you so good that you're taking work from small (and larger) VFX companies to the point that they're all jealous of and conspiring against you, or are the jobs you get as an immigrant just crap that no one else wants?
  • Just a thought, mods should consider locking this thread. Its not going to be productive from here on out I dont think....
  • I'm stepping in. I'm locking the thread for 24 Hours as a cool of period. Some of the views expressed here are dangerously close to being in breach of our terms of use and I will not hesitate to lock and ban people who break them. I will be monitoring going forward.

    Please keep all posts on topic
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