[Position filled] Concept Artists Required [Character, Medieval]

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edit: [This position has been filled].

Hi, I am looking to pay (preferably) South African based character/creature concept artists to create four concept art pieces . I would like to test the local waters before contracting international artists. There is more work beyond these four concept pieces, however I wanted to submit a limited scope to test compatibly.

From a high level perspective the game we are developing is set in a fantasy light medieval period, and we need to start fleshing out four characters concepts:
- main protagonist (male, knight/warrior like character).
- simple thug enemy (thug like woodlands bandit style enemy)
- simple animal enemy (dog/wolf like creature, pet of thug enemy)
- thug boss (an end level bandit boss style enemy)

Please private message me if you are interested in the above. The information I would require from you is:
- estimated cost for developing the above concepts in monetary terms
- your availability and estimated time line to complete the four concept pieces
- your preferred payment arrangement, ie, per hour, half up front and half after completion, or other?
- where you are based.
- any online work samples, ie deviant art

I understand I have not given any significant detail on the concept art requirements. I will engage on an individual basis to give more detail as required. We will probably discuss one concept art piece at a time in any event.

Kind Regards.
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