MOBA made in a weekend (LudumDare41)

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So me and @luigi_weo wanted to partake in LD, but unfortunately life got in the way for a few weekends and we finally got a chance to go at it this past weekend.

We did take a peek at the theme, since it was his first jam and I am also not exactly king of game jams.
We both came up with a list of ideas and some were more inventive than others, until the idea involving a moba style game came up. Both of us being avid fans of the moba genre, we concluded that any further discussion is pointless and we will just try and do it as best we can.
(The goal of the jam simply being for me to do some programming, and for @luigi_weo (3D artist) to get more comfortable with jams and Unity.)

The idea: A baboviolent like shooter game, playing in a moba world. So 3v3 mid only with towers and creeps and a base to defend, all online. 3 playable classes: rifleman, sniper and cannonbro.

Below is our journey:

So we set off on Friday, @luigi_weo modelling and animating the first character.

I spent Friday evening, with the creep AI. Turned out creeps have more going on than meets the eye.

Saturday I started working on the character control and using the animations. Thanks to a post on MGSA that I starred about 2 or more years ago, I could add an avatar mask so that we can mix some animations.

I also went back to the creeps and made some changes, as well as get the first version of a tower working.
@luigi_weo was doing art things. Namely finishing the models for the other classes as well as their animations, which we unfortunately could not get to. He also made this little guy.

They also like to dance, even though I programmed them to destroy!

Sunday was networking day. Also networking night. We were busy up until around midnight, but around that time we had a (somewhat) playable multiplayer build.
Monday I spend some time and fixed some of the bigger issues @luigi_weo had playing with others throughout the day. Namely clones of yourself, and global siege creep attacks. After that we made another build.

Below are both builds:
Jam Version
Post Jam Version

Here is an imgur album of all the images and progress gifs. There are some other funny gifs in there, at least to us they were. Maybe it was just late.

So that was our weekend in a few short images. Just wanted to share with you guys. There was obviously a lot we still wanted to do and would have wanted to change, but jam says no.


  • Wow, impressive effort. I haven't had a chance to play it, but I know from trying it in a few jams that getting networking working in a weekend is really tricky.

    How did you find doing the networking? Is it something you've got some experience in?
  • Awesome work! I've been talking to a friend and also had the idea to make a Moba that we as friends can play for fun someday and to see you guys make a MOBA in a weekend or so is actually really inspiring! I personally still have a lot to learn in Unity (especially Networking as I have never done multiplayer before). Congratz on what you accomplished I think it is very Cool!
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    Thanks guys. If you do get around to play it, it is very barebones but in the end we did more or less achieve what we set out to do. We are debating if we add some more time and just finish it up as per the initial idea as well as add some graphical and audio polish, or if we just game jam something completely different in a couple of weeks.

    @EvanGreenwood In terms of networking we used Photon Unity Realtime, which I have a quite a bit of experience in through just using it a lot in previous prototypes at my last job. I am no expert, but I am fairly comfortable with it. That's part of the reason we went with the moba idea as I felt I should be able to get things working in a day or so. I like to create the core gameplay before multiplayer with it just in the back of my mind, and then I hook things up at the end (For prototypes/jams at least).

    @mkShogun96 I literally started with Photon for the first time around a year ago. Once you feel you have a grasp on Unity just do their getting started tutorial. It explains most of the core things for realtime games quite well. It won't get you to a moba straight away but it will get you a good start.

    On that point there is another approach with lockstep networking where you send only command packets that I want to try, since I think that is how most mobas are done. Instead of syncing position and health etc. (which we did here and how most shooters do it) But that will be another day and another post when I have it working.
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